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Four tops


Why I’ve left Teaching

I’ve reblogged this post because it beautifully puts into words a tale of woe which I have encountered many times during my career as a teacher trainer.

my life. my love.

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I’ll be totally honest and say that I never thought this day would come.

I have been in a job that I have loved for 15 years.

Teaching is all I ever thought I would do. All I have ever done. All I have ever wanted to do.

I am sat here, surrounded by the 4 brightly coloured walls, full of colourful displays that I hope I’m remembered for, saddened by the deafening silence of the classroom now that all of my class have disappeared off on their Easter Holidays.

This very room has been my second home for so long.

For the hour when I am in the classroom, with the class, teaching, I love it. It’s still the most rewarding feeling to know that you have taught, supported, encouraged and guided a child throughout their learning.

But sadly, that’s not the job any more.

The powers that be…

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